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Vacuum hydro excavation is the best way in protecting underground assets.

Hydrovac Truck

Need a Hydrovac Truck ?

Hydro excavation using a vacuum truck is an efficient, non-destructive method of taking unwanted material off site. This process can remove material from difficult to reach areas and is especially effective for digging around underground assets and utility mapping.

Vacuum excavation uses a highly pressurized water gurney in conjunction with an industrial vacuum to remove all debris safely and effectively. The vacuum trunk has a large tank with a high pressure water pump that can pneumatically suck liquids into the spoil tank.

Excavation trucks can also blast streams of water for cleaning and excavation. The high pressure water breaks up dirt and material to form a sludge or slurry. Then, using vacuum pumps, the liquid waste is removed for disposal or transported to another location for treatment.

Our VTI and Vermeer trucks comprise:

Spoil tank capacity - 5,500 litres to 6,500 litres.

Vacuum capability - 1200 to 1500 cfm.

Even in congested areas, only the target material is removed, leaving the surrounding area undisturbed and stable.

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Hydro Excavation

The Advantages of Hydro Excavation

Using a vacuum excavator to break material apart and liquefy it, hydrovac excavation is commonly accepted as a method far safer than jack hammers and conventional digging.

Vacuum excavation allows people to stay completely safe on the service, while the machine does all the work. Moreover, underground utilities and the surrounding ground are preserved in the nondestructive digging process, reducing the incidences of mishaps like trench cave-ins or accidental line damage.

In addition to damage prevention, the main goal of hydro excavation is to keep operating costs low and efficiencies high. Equipment can be positioned at a safe distance from the operating site to avoid traffic and congestion in the work site. Vacuum excavation ensures your job is prepared for further stages with minimal damage.

Hydro Excavator

Using a vacuum system is an incredibly accurate and non destructive way to excavate, making the hydro excavator ideal for non-invasive service locating and avoidance of underground utilities that may be harmed by the use of conventional mechanical digging machinery. Hidden underground services and utilities including pipes, phone lines, fibre optics and power cables are safely located and exposed. Solid ground, and even rock, is cleared around delicate areas with minimal damage to electricity, gas, water and fibre optic services, cleaning around them, reducing disruption and eliminating the need for repairs.

Australia Owned

Our Company Director - Rebecca Obarzanski

Established local business, servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast since 2014.

A fully Australian owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on our professional, dynamic and contemporary approach to business. Our vacuum excavation company's aim at all times is to provide a fast, safe and thorough job. Our highly service staff have many years of industry expertise and we ensure that the skilled team sent to your jobsite comprises fully insured drivers and operators.

Vac Truck

We run a purpose-built fleet of well maintained vac trucks, available to hire throughout the Brisbane region and within the Gold Coast area. 

Our team of fully experienced operators and professional service staff help you to get your project completed on time and in the most cost efficient way, allowing you to adhere to budgets and time lines. 

Call us today to find out how Get Directed can provide vac trucks for your precise job requirements.

Vacuum Excavation

Call the Vacuum Excavation Experts

Get Directed are the first choice for Vacuum Excavation for the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We specialise in the location and clean exposure of a variety of services using the latest vacuum technology, sometimes referred to as vacuum digging or hydro excavation.

Suction excavators blast the surface with very high pressure water jets, minimising the risk of safety issues and environmental damage to the job site and surrounds, leaving you clear and free to focus on the main task.


Hydrovac Truck

Get Directed hydrovac trucks, or sucker trucks, are perfect for big or small jobs and especially great in confined spaces and built-up areas. No more tearing into the ground with jack hammers and noisy, conventional large digging machinery. 

Our long suction hose reach minimises disruption to the work site, making a high performance hydrovac truck the preferred method of safe, non-destructive excavation, cleaning and service location. See the benefits today.

Automated and controlled excavation is eco-friendly, with no disruption of services.

Hydro Excavation

This form of nondestructive digging uses a vacuum and pressurised water to remove material from the ground. The high pressure water cuts through and liquefies soil and other material.Waste is eliminated by using a mobile vacuum unit with a suction hose, since all material and debris is sucked up into the vacuum truck's spoil tank for removal, leaving the work site clean and ready.

Your Non destructive Digging Professionals

  • Safe, nondestructive digging
  • All sizes of job undertaken
  • Accurate location of services
  • Complete removal of waste
  • Minimal disruption, no damage
  • Clean, stable project site
  • Less environmental impact
  • 100% Australian owned service
  • Traffic services included
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  • another benefit

Features & Benefits

Our vacuum excavation services include:
  • non destructive digging, potholing
  • excavation & Daylighting
  • minimal disturbance trenching
  • fast, clean landscaping and pole setting


  • exposing service locations for repair
  • drain cleaning, cesspits, latrines
  • jetting sewers, tanks & sanitary sewers

Services Offered

  • service and communications
  • electrical and plumbing Ind.
  • property developers & builders
  • independent service installers
  • councils and body corporates
  • civil engineering companies
  • educational institutions
  • transport authoritiesl.

Areas & Industries 

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