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Vacuum Excavation Services

NDD - Non Destructive Digging - The safe way to protect underground assets

"We have been working with the team at GET DIRECTED since 2016. 
A lot of our work is building and upgrading signalized intersections, there is a certain attention to detail required to ensure safe and productive work sites. 

We have found GET DIRECTED to be the only contractor who gives us this service without question."

Using the injection of pressurised water, Vacuum Excavation liquefies and removes soil without damaging underground assets or services. All debris is safely and effectively removed,  leaving a clean job site.

Vacuum Excavation protects assets

A safer way to dig and excavate
No broken cables, pipes or sewers

Book Get Directed Vacuum Excavation - the safer way to dig.

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Vacuum excavation Services Gold Coast and Brisbane
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Sucker Truck Rental

Reduced Insurance Claims

Safer, More Efficient Process

Get Directed has a fleet that includes VTI and Vermeer vacuum trucks with spoil tank capacities of 5,500 litres and 6,500 litres and vacuum pumps of 1200 to 1500 cfm.

Quieter and cleaner, vacuum excavation uses pressurised water to remove soil and liquid waste into mobile storage tanks.

Minimal disturbance to surroundings is assured. Soil is quickly, efficiently and safely removed by the sucker truck.

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Vacuum Excavation Benefits

Australian Owned 

NDD Applications

  • Less disruption 
  • Safer operation
  • Cleaner job site 

Established local vacuum excavation business servicing Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

NDD does not damage underground services meaning less disruption. Also suitable for less accessible sites where traditional excavation services cannot be used.

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Vacuum Excavation Truck Hire and rental services

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Servicing Brisbane, Brisbane CBD and Surrounding Areas
Traffic control services can be supplied with Vacuum Truck hire
Servicing Gold Coast, Nerang, Broad Beach South Port and Surfers Paradise

Services to the Gold Coast

Traffic Control  Services

Servicing Brisbane

  • NDD
  • Service Location 
  • High Pressure Cleaning  
  • Trenching, Pole Setting 
  • Daylighting / Potholing

Get Directed also provides traffic control services for site management when using our Vacuum Truck Hire Services.
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Fast, friendly waste management and hydro excavation services for Brisbane and the Gold Coast region.

Faster than traditional excavation
Less labour intense & more accurate
Environmentally friendly
Get Directed hydro excavation services

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